Precision Investment Casting Manufacturers in Rajkot, India

Super Quali Cast is one of the leading investment casting manufacturers in India. We have gained the reputation of being one of the topmost precision investment casting manufacturers by manufacturing and supplying high-quality investment castings for a wide range of industries across the world.

Understanding Investment Casting

Investment casting is also known as lost wax casting as a wax pattern is created and coated with a ceramic slurry to create a mold. Afterwards, wax is melted out of the ceramic mold. Later on, the molten metal is poured into the cavity. Then, the molten metal solidifies, the ceramic shell breaks off and a metal cast is created. We are recognized as one of the prime precision investment casting manufacturers as we use only certified and tested material to make the investment castings, we are super fast in our responses, we are a super team of well experienced people and we provide super quality.

Super Quali Cast has rich experience in creating a wide variety of investment casts, including, complicated and intricate designs and shapes. Thus, we have been supplying machined casting with various sub-assemblies. We also perform pressure testing as we have an in-house pressure testing facility to check any component's core quality. As, investment casting eliminates many of the barriers holding you back like the more production time, critical machining, achieving complex shapes, therefore, it is highly preferred amongst various industries.

Features of Super Quali Cast’s Premium Investment Castings

  • We use a wide range of high-quality metals to make investment castings.
  • We manufacture precision engineered investment casting in various grades like stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, duplex steel, super duplex, high nickel-based alloys, high cobalt-based alloys, brass etc.
  • We also have wide selection of weight range as we manufacture products starting from 7 grams to 200 kgs.
  • Super Qualit Cast is known for closed dimensional tolerance and near to net shape casting for better surface finish.
  • Various testing capabilities inhouse.
  • NDT level-2 personnel inhouse with all types of Non destructive Test knowledge.
  • Our castings increase productivity.
  • Super Quali Cast’s team also offers design assistance to the clients, mostly the ones that are new to casting.
  • We leave no stone unturned to help the clients understand investment castings better.
  • We provide trainings to our employees so that they are confident in their work and process.
  • We have more than 37 years rich experience in investment castings, tooling and machining, also we have inhouse machining facility.

Super Quali Cast is one of the premium investment castings manufacturers in Rajkot, India and we have been supplying high-quality castings to clients across the globe. If you would like to know more about investment casting, please feel free to contact us.